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Books about Grading Practices

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Below are various book resources related to grading practices.  They are available for checkout in the LMC. 


  Developing Grading and Reporting Systems for Student Learning by Thomas Guskey

Presents a framework from which to explore the process of developing grading and reporting systems, identifying the major issues that must be confronted when trying to improve grading and reporting practices and policies, looking at various methods, examining model reporting forms, and discussing special needs grading, and other issues.


P Gus 371.27 


A Repair Kit for Grading : 15 Fixes for Broken Grades by Ken O'Connor

Describes fifteen strategies for grading practices that recognize student learning and achievement and are consistent, accurate, and aligned with school or district standards.


P Oco 371.27

  Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading : Classroom Strategies that Work by Robert Marzano

Analyzes two important factors that affect student learning: formative assessment and grading, explains how to design and interpret three different types of formative assessments, track student progress, and assign meaningful grades, and includes detailed examples of applications in classrooms.


P Mar 371.27


Elements of Grading : a Guide to Effective Practice by Douglas Reeves

Offers teachers a method of grading that is accurate, fair, specific, and timely, identifying the four characteristics of effective feedback, looking at the debate over grading, and including time-saving strategies, as well as tips on leading change in grading practices and systems.


P Ree 378.198



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